Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great views of Manhattan skyline

Midtown from Gantry Plaza Park
New York Harbor from Battery Park
New Yorkers who seldom venture out of Manhattan miss the delights of seeing the sun rising and setting on the island. I recently compiled a list of my favorite places to do that. It's not  exhaustive: I focus on places I can sit with a friend and have a picnic dinner (or breakfast). On Google maps, the list is called "Great Views of the Manhattan Skyline." (The sculptures in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan are plotted on a different Google Map.)
For suggestions of places to take photos (but not necessarily sit and relax), see 
The pics for today's post are among the 350 images on the Upward Glance screensaver CD, available for $15 at .  All images Copyright (c) Dianne Durante, all rights reserved.
Midtown from Gantry Plaza Park
Midtown from the Pulaski Bridge
Midtown from Gantry Plaza Park