Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Peter Cooper: OMOM Essay 10

Cooper's dignified seated figure recalls many earlier works, including Michelangelo's Moses and medieval portraits of kings. In "About the Sculpture" I discuss the effect of "quoting" earlier sculptures. In "About the Subject," I focus on Cooper's career as a businessman (especially his involvement in railroads) and his founding of the Cooper Union. It was delightful to learn that Saint Gaudens, one of America's best sculptors and the creator of Cooper, was an early graduate of the Cooper Union.

This is the third of ten sculptures from Forgotten Delights: The Producers that appears in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan. Again I abridged the version in OMOM for the sake of space. (The book had to be under a certain number of pages in order to be priced at under $20. Paperback books priced over $20 are more difficult to sell.)

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