Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photos of architectural details

In my travels around NYC I often carry a camera in order to take photos of sculptures. Sometimes I snap architectural details as well: once you learn to look, you start looking at everything. Occasionally I'll upload a few of my favorite recent photos here, at considerably reduced resolution. If you want to see more images or higher resolution, ask me. In time, I plan to offer such photos for sale on www.ForgottenDelights.com.

Above: Sullivanesque capital from 11th St. in Manhattan (west of Broadway). Compare the Bayard Condict Building.

Below: 122-124 Milton St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 1889, architect Theobald Engelhardt. AIA Guide to NYC (4th ed.) p. 762, G15: "Brick and brownstone Queen Anne. The bracketed canopies over the entrances are lusty celebrations of entry" (!). I love the quality of the details and especially the spiderweb grills on the matching front doors. Are they original? I don't know - the brackets holding them certainly look old enough.

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