Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Photos of Peter Cooper and 455 Lafayette

Lately I've been retaking sculpture photos in TIFF format, which brought me back to Saint Gaudens's Peter Cooper at Cooper Union (Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan Essay 10). At left is a view I never could have gotten with my old 3x optical zoom.

Many historians are vehemently opposed to change, but what studying history taught me is that change is natural, inevitable, and often a vast improvement. I like 455 Lafayette, the new building on the south side of Astor Place, which has been panned by the New York Times architecture critic. Not all buildings have to be composed of right angles. Not all of them have to neatly match whatever's already in the neighborhood. Not all curved surfaces need to be formed of custom-made curved glass rather than narrow, flat glass panes.

For a tidy summary on the hullabaloo over 455 Lafayette, see

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