Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Upward Glance: A New Yorker's Look at New York

For years I've used architectural photos as screensavers: the buildings and details of buildings that I've captured are a remarkable combination of creativity and technical skill, from the details on wrought-iron fences to the towers of Midtown.

I'm offering 350 of these images on CD for $15, including shipping and handling within the U.S. Check this blog over the next month or two for more samples. For other samples, see http://www.forgottendelights.com/UpwardGlanceScreensaver.htm

NOTE: The locations of the photos are not given on the CD as presently offered for sale, because to check and type up such as list would require many hours of additional work. If you yearn for such identifications and would cheerfully pay $5 extra for a list, email forgottendeli@earthlink.net. If or when the demand is great enough, I'll do the list and notify you that it’s available.

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