Friday, March 9, 2007

Manhattan Sculpture Quiz, part 1

How much do you know about Manhattan's sculptures and the people they represent? Click here for answers to the quiz. The questions are based on material in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide, Forgotten Delights: The Producers, and on material on . Questions 10-18 follow in the next blog entry. 1. Which of the works below is NOT a memorial to someone who died on the Titanic?
A. Straus Memorial B. Stead Memorial C. Brisbane Memorial D. Titanic Memorial Lighthouse
2. Which of the following four are represented in Daniel Chester French's sculptures in front of the Customs House at Bowling Green?
A. Africa, America, Australia, Asia B. Africa, Europe, Asia, Antarctica C. Africa, Asia, Europe, England D. Africa, Asia, Europe, America
3. Which explorer was being honored city-wide in 1909, the year the Battery Park memorial to Giovanni da Verrazzano was dedicated?
A. Jacques Cartier B. Christopher Columbus C. John Cabot D. Henry Hudson
4. What allegorical figure stands at the center of the New York Stock Exchange pediment?
A. Integrity B. Justice C. Truth D. Wealth
5. Who used "The Sidewalks of New York" as a campaign song?
A. John F. Kennedy B. Theodore Roosevelt C. Alfred E. Smith D. Fiorello La Guardia
6. Who invented flavored gelatin (Jell-o)?
A. Peter Cooper B. Pietro Delmonico C. Abram S. Hewitt D. Thomas Nast
7. Name the noted New York politician who died of an illness brought on by the Blizzard of 1888, and was eulogized for his "eloquence and learning, his undaunted devotion to truth, his purity and courage, his uncompromising patriotism, his scorn of cant and deception" - but also condemned by his biographer as "one of the harshest, strictest, most narrow-minded of all political bosses. Possibly like Pooh Bah he was born sneering."
A. Roscoe Conkling B. Fiorello La Guardia C. Fernando Wood D. Chester A. Arthur
8. In "Full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes!", what were the torpedoes?
A. Artillery shells B. Self-propelled underwater projectiles C. Floating barrels filled with gunpowder D. Pipe bombs
9. Who wrote the poem "Thanatopsis," which begins, "To him who, in the love of Nature, holds / Communion with her visible forms, she speaks / A various language"?

A. William Wadsworth Longfellow B. William Blake C. William Cullen Bryant D. William Shakespeare

Click here for answers to the quiz.

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