Friday, March 9, 2007

Manhattan Sculpture Quiz, part 2

How much do you know about Manhattan's sculptures and the people they represent? Click here for answers to the quiz. The questions are based on material in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide, Forgotten Delights: The Producers, and on material on . Questions 1-9 are in the previous blog entry. 10. Who are the three figures above the clock on the south façade of Grand Central Terminal?
A. Zeus, Athena, Hermes B. Hercules, Hermes, Athena C. Poseidon, Hermes, Venus D. Hercules, Hermes, Hera
11. Which sculpture was picketed on the grounds that it looked like Benito Mussolini?
A. Prometheus B. Edwin Booth C. Fiorello La Guardia D. Atlas
12. Which equestrian statue in Manhattan shows a rider in civilian clothes?
A. Jose Marti B. El Cid Campeador C. Washington at Union Square D. Joan of Arc
13. When did Shakespeare become high-brow entertainment in America?
A. Around the time of the Revolutionary War B. Around the time of the Civil War C. Around the time of the Spanish-American War D. Around the time of World War II
14. Which two figures are among the four figures represented on the base of the Verdi Monument?
A. Leonora and Falstaff B. Aida and Violetta C. Leonora and Macbeth D. Rigoletto and Otello
15. Which of the following is one of the four figures that appear above Theodore Roosevelt on the east façade of the American Museum of Natural History?
A. Zebulon Pike B. Sacajawea C. Daniel Boone D. Henry Hudson
16. Which Danish sculptor has a self-portrait in Central Park?
A. Karl Bitter B. Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen C. Wilhelm Freddie D. Claes Oldenburg
17. In what Manhattan park is there a statue of a bear attacking a faun who cowers in a grotto?
A. Morningside Park B. Central Park C. Riverside Park D. Inwood Hill Park
18. Who among the following has the most separate portrait sculptures outdoors in Manhattan?
A. Thomas Jefferson B. Alexander Hamilton C. Abraham Lincoln D. Christopher Columbus
Click here for answers to the quiz, here for questions 1-9.

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