Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daniel Butterfield: OMOM Essay 52

The Butterfield project so exasperated Gutzon Borglum (best known for Mount Rushmore) that he eventually snapped that he wouldn't care if the sculpture were heaved into the Hudson. Rather than analyzing this sculpture in detail, I wrote out a long series of questions re identifying the theme and evaluating the sculpture, to help readers practice thinking about sculpture on their own. This appears in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan as "How to Read a Sculpture," Appendix A, section 4.

"About the Subject" gives a brief biography of General Butterfield (d. 1901), including his actions on Wall Street's first Black Friday. (See the Bennett Memorial, Essay 21.)

Hrmph: another photo taken when the sun was far too strong, but it's the best close-up I have of Butterfield's face. Part of my mission for this blog is to upload images of important angles and details that didn't fit into OMOM, so no, I won't just use a better photo of a different detail.

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