Friday, February 16, 2007

Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan now in NYC bookstores

On Wednesday 2/14, Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan finally began to appear on the shelves of New York City bookstores. I dropped in at half a dozen Barnes & Noble locations and signed every copy they had on hand - look for the "autographed copy" stickers. You may have to ask a clerk to help you find the book; it never seems to be in the same subcategory of their New York shelves. Borders has copies on order, and I'll be dropping in to sign theirs next week. Over the next week I'll also be visiting many smaller, independent bookstores with copies of the New York Times and Sculpture magazine reviews in hand, asking them to carry it (if they don't already) and offering to sign copies. Employees at the independent bookstores often seem more interested in reading and recommending books than employees at the big chains, so just bringing the book to their attention might be helpful. One B&N employee already took advantage of my presence to ask me who that statue at the north end of Union Square represents. (Lincoln, Essay 15, although you'd never guess it from the back view.) Signing copies wherever I can is about the best way I've thought of to make up for the fact that the Times review appeared 3 weeks in advance of the day the books appeared in stores. Copies with autographed stickers get a little more attention, sometimes even face-out rather than spine-out display.

In tomorrow's blog: you, yes you, could win a fabulous Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan tote bag! Or, if you prefer, an 8x10 B&W print of your favorite OMOM sculpture. No, you do not need to be in New York City (10 degrees and 4 inches of icy slush) to enter or win.

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