Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dr. James Marion Sims: OMOM Essay 47

"About the Subject" describes how Sims almost single-handedly established the specialty of gynecology, at a time when women routinely suffered and died from mysterious "female complaints." Sims was also one of the first American physicians to treat cancer patients, who were considered untreatable and almost untouchable through most of the 19th c. More on that in Forgotten Delights: The Producers. (Sims is the tenth and final sculpture to appear in FDP as well as Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan.)

As I discuss in "About the Sculpture," this is the only case I can think of in OMOM where a new pedestal and a new setting are an improvement over the originals. I was hoping there would be space in the book for a photo of the pedestal as well as Sims; since there wasn't, I'm giving you one here that you can zoom in on to read the inscriptions.

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