Saturday, February 17, 2007

Win a Tote Bag or an 8 x 10" B&W Photo for Writing a Review

With a very limited marketing budget, it's a challenge to find inexpensive ways to promote Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan effectively. The best methods seem to be on the web and by word of mouth. For starters, I'm offering rewards to writers of what I judge to be the 10 best Amazon reviews to appear by the end of March 2007.

Winners can choose either a 13 x 13" black tote bag with an actual-size image of OMOM's cover (I have 5 of these), or an 8 x 10" B&W print of your favorite image from the book. To enter the contest, upload your review to Amazon and email a copy to me at

I am particularly interested in reviews that would make OMOM appealing to niche markets. If you're a history buff and you find the "About the Subject" sections particularly interesting, say that. If you're a fan of Ayn Rand and the discussions of esthetics interest you, go with that. If you're an artist, art teacher, or art student and think the book would be valuable for colleagues, say so. If you can make an informed judgment on the importance or innovativeness of this book for New York City sculpture, Ayn Rand's esthetics, the demolition of Penn Station, or any other relevant topic, go right ahead. If, like Alexander Hamilton (Essay 53), you're in love with New York and OMOM gave your more to love, by all means say so. If you can explain why non-New Yorkers would benefit from reading it, that would be a big selling point. If you are or have ever been a book-club member and can imagine a book club discussing OMOM and then studying sculptures in your town, say that.

According to marketing researchers, reviews and testimonials have more impact if the audience knows something about the writer. If possible, therefore, mention in your review that you've been a Civil War history reenactor for three decades, that you teach economics at the University of Tegucigalpa, that your favorite activity is strolling Manhattan on Sunday mornings looking for things to admire, that you have a shelf full of books on art or Ayn Rand …

The winning entries need not be long or ornately phrased - they need only be clear and to the point. State what you like about the book, and why others might like it as well.

Good luck!

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